Function and Form in Damascus Steel

Instructors: Jason Morrissey and Nick Rossi

Supplies/Materials Fee: $65

Enrollment limit: 10 currently full, registrations are for waiting list only 

Level: Beginner

In this workshop students will explore the world of pattern welded steel through basic exercises and fun projects. Basic forging and forge welding will be covered and students will create a billet of pattern welded material. Patterning and basic metallurgy will be discussed and students will go on to make a simple project like a small blade or a piece of jewelry. No experience will be necessary. Students should expect to leave with one or more polished and finished pieces ready to wear or use.

mca-haystack-workshop-weekend-rossi-and-morrisseyJason Morrissey was born and raised in Vermont and received his BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry from Maine College of art in 1998. Shortly after he worked for the college and out of his own private studio as a metalsmithing and glass instructor for the better part of a decade. During which his work was published in 20 international books. Jason has continued his education studying at craft schools including Haystack and New England school of Metalwork. Over the past 8 years Jason has focused on pattern welded steel and damascus. He attributes most of his patterns from his studies in glass techniques. Working in the glass and metal community has exposed him to some of the best in both industries. Creating opportunities for collaborations and one of a kind objects.

Nick Rossi has been a knifemaker for 17 years and is the resident bladesmith and instructor at the New England School of Metalwork. He holds the rank of Journeyman in the American Bladesmith Society. He makes high performance custom knives for professional chefs, home cooks and knife lovers all over the world. With a focus on simple tools and direct methods, Nick has been teaching since 2007.