Nordic Rugs by Elizabeth Hunter
February 17-March 28, 2017

First up in the newly renovated Center for Maine Crafts’ gallery section is an exhibition of nordic rugs and pillows by Elizabeth Hunter. The South Portland fiberartist’s sense of simplicity and color stems from time spent in Oslo, Norway in the 70’s and renewed more recently in Reykjavik, Iceland.  She will be back studying in Landskrona, Sweden this June.

Simplicity and colors are key elements in Scandinavian design, and thinking. Together they produce a clarity and calm.

There has been buzz lately about hygge (hoo-gah) the Danish word which translates as cozy. A New York Times article described hygge as “ a national manifesto, nay, an obsession expressed in the constant pursuit of homespun pleasures involving candlelight, fires, fuzzy knitted socks, porridge, coffee, care and other people.” I think the pursuit is more than that. I think it is more the necessity of finding an inner peace, a sanctuary, in your living space, no matter the space’s size. Scandinavian simplicity and colors get you there! –Elizabeth Hunter

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