Creating a Painted Quilt Top

Instructor: Elizabeth Busch, 2016 Master Craft Artist

Supplies/Materials Fee: Instructor will bring materials and sell them directly to students, a-la-carte style.

Enrollment limit: 12 (one opening)

Level: All levels

Using Pro Chem’s Textile Paints and canvas along with other fabric students bring from home, each student will create work that portrays an idea from within. Instructor will share samples of her work, discuss how she finds inspiration for her quilts, discuss how one piece leads to another, how to ‘listen’ to what your work is telling you, and review basics of good composition and design.

Process is the key to this work, and  the instructor will share the ‘how’ with the group. Each student will paint, play, explore and sew, creating 1 or 2 or quilt tops by workshop’s end. The group will paint half the time and sew half the time, though each participant will work at her/his own pace. Students will also learn how to look at the finished results individually and as a group, establishing a way to be objective about our own and others’ work in order to use constructive criticism as a positive tool.

Heat Wave/painted quilt/2015/26"x70" Sky Light/2014/27"x61"

Heat Wave | Painted quilt by Elizabeth Busch, 26″x70″, 2015

Elizabeth Busch is an internationally acclaimed artist who has a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has been making painted quilts since 1983, and has been making a living as an artist since 1987. She has won numerous awards for her painted quilts including the Best in Show and the Quilts Japan Award from the international juried exhibition Quilt National. Her work is in collections of the Museum of Art and Design, NY; International Quilt Study Center, NE; Rich, Inc., Chicago; Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport, FL; Memorial SE Hospital, Houston, TX; Haneda Hotel,Japan. In 2009 she was given a retrospective exhibit at the Visions Quilt Museum in San Diego. Elizabeth has taught workshops throughout the US and abroad since 1985.