XL Flask | Jeffrey Lipton

This large flask will certainly be the life of the party! Original hand built clay design with the artist's specially drawn animals and creatures reminiscent of ancient clay drawings of years [...]

Cream Porcelain Pitcher | Autumn Cipala

This elegant porcelain pitcher brings a cozy soft warmth to a table. Hand thrown on a potters wheel to it's perfect graceful and utilitarian form, the porcelain has a inner life of its own in [...]

Husk | Christine Caswell

This stoneware "Husk" sculpture is inspired by decaying botanicals such as seed pods and by radiolarians- skeletons of microscopic protazoa. It is handbuilt, pinch and coil,  low fired with a [...]

Violets Rope Mat | Wharf Warp

Purple violet and yellow violet are two varieties of eye catching wildflowers found in Maine's woodlands. Just as striking as those flowers, this vibrant mat will also catch people's attention. [...]

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