Calculate, Isolate and Redistribute: Volumetric Forging Practice for Steel

Instructor: Rachel David

Supplies/Materials Fee: $60

Enrollment limit: 10 FULL Waitlist Only

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

This class will focus on mass redistribution and one of many ways to figure out material needs in order to execute an idea. We will learn about volumetric calculation and design samples or full on projects to complete during the class. Students will gain an understanding about designing and laying out joinery, how to easily mathematically calculate appropriate stock dimensions and how to break complicated forms into more understandable steps. Students should have an understanding and fluency with power hammer use and an intermediate to advanced level of blacksmithing.

Cradle 1/10, forged formed and fabricated steel, leather, upholstery, video monitor, electronics, automotive paint and wax, 2017 and Dripping Cycle, forged formed and fabricated steel, patina, wax, 2018

Rachel David, raised in Maryland and a resident of New Orleans, Louisiana since 2005, is foremost an artist blacksmith designer and maker. In her practice, she takes inward reflection and criticism and translates that to making change in the world she lives in through her works and actions. Her artworks convey social and environmental justice themes and meanings and her practice includes making sculpture, custom architectural work, furniture and workshops that build community rather than competition. Rachel is an activist in the field of blacksmithing, trying to make space for women, genderqueer people of color, and trans people.

Rachel began blacksmithing when her college metal shop teacher advised her “if you get that hot and hammer on it you’ll get it to do what you want it to.” Mind blown, Rachel has since developed a practice continually challenging what she thinks she knows, trying every new thing the last mistake revealed as possible. Rachel has been the visiting artist at SIU Carbondale, IL, NOCCA the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, LA, The Crucible, CA, and Community-First Forge in Austin TX. Rachel has shown regularly from New Orleans to Maine in solo, intimate collaborations and group exhibitions. Her work has been published in books and magazines including Ironwork Today 4, Imago Mundi; Reparations, and (T)Here Magazine. While her studio practice also includes commercial projects for a national client base, her unique furniture and sculpture has been collected by the City of New Orleans, the Simone Benetton Foundation, and numerous private collections.