Deadline: August 31, 2017

Through a unique and generous donation, the Maine Crafts Association will select and award one artist with equipment and materials to outfit a metals studio.  MCA is working with the family of a Brunswick, Maine metals artist who passed away. As a memorial, the family would like her studio equipment and materials to benefit an emerging artist.

Interested artists are invited to submit an application to the Maine Crafts Association by August 31, 2017. Finalists will be invited for interviews.

The studio equipment and materials inventory includes:

Hammers: Including raising, forging and other miscellaneous.
Rolling mill
Miscellaneous large stakes, 2 small stake sets
Stake holders and pipe vices
Bench vice, small desk vises
Acetylene torch and  firebrick heating table
Jewelers bench
Foot shear, 4 feet wide
Embossing tools
Bending break- small
Large stainless acid-bath container
Miscellaneous small hand tools: saws, pliers, reams, files, etc.
Copper sheet, rod, bar stock

Application Instructions 

The following information and essay responses should be submitted via email in a single word or pdf document format, with two images of current work, by August 31, 2017 to: Sadie Bliss – Executive Director: Please feel free to call 207 205 0791 or email with questions.

Mailing Address:
E-mail Address:
website (if available):

Essay Questions, maximum one page / 500 words each:

  1. Past: Please tell us how you became a craft artist.
  2. Present: Please tell us about your current studio practice and business: Where do you work? What do you make? Where / how do you show or sell your work?  What are your current challenges and successes?
  3. Future: Please tell us how being awarded this studio equipment would help your practice.  Where would you put it?  What material / equipment from the inventory list are you most excited about?  What are your goals? What specific goals would this award help you reach?