The Maine Crafts Association (MCA) will open MAINE CRAFT PORTLAND, a retail gallery and resource center in the historic Maine Charitable Mechanic Association (MCMA) building, known as Mechanic’s Hall, in downtown Portland, Maine this summer! The new MCA space will promote craft in Maine through exhibitions and public programming, and directly benefit Maine craft artists through sales of their work.


The MCA is raising $100,000 start-up capital to open the new space. On February 15, the Windgate Foundation announced a matching grant of $50,000. As of April 27th MCA has received contributions totaling $47,500 from our amazing and supportive network of board members, arts supporters, foundations, Portland businesses, MCA members, friends and family. We currently seeking $2500 to complete the fundraising phase of this exciting new effort!

Please help us achieve our goal to match the $50,000 and release the funds! Donate online by clicking the button below or contact Sadie Bliss to arrange a different payment method or plan.  207-205-0791 |