The Center for Maine Craft jury process is open to all craftspeople, including MCA members and non-members, who live and work, at least seasonally, in Maine. All qualifying work must be well conceived and expertly executed in Maine. It also must be made by hand or with the use of appropriate equipment and tools.

The Center has two juries, one for craftwork and one for non-craft work (“complementary” products). The craft juries are held at the Center six times per year and require the artist to be present. Complementary products are evaluated on a rolling basis, and do not require the vendor to be present. All jury applicants are required to pay a jury fee except MCA Professional and Emerging members.

Jury Fees

Non-Members $15
MCA Basic Members $10
Individuals within MCA Institutional memberships $10

Craft Jury

The Center for Maine Craft represents a broad spectrum of media, technique, and creative design. The following categories of contemporary fine craft are juried:

Ceramics | Fiber | Furniture | Glass | Jewelry | Metal | Mixed Media | Wood

Center Pre-Jury Self-Assessment Tool

Use our self-assessment tool to determine if you, your business and your product are a good match for the Center for Maine Craft. Checking off all circles is not required, but if you check less than half, you may require additional training or support before we can carry your product.

Click here to view and download our Self-Assessment Tool.

2018 Craft Jury Schedule

March 4 12-3 (Sun)
April 10 3-6 (Tues)
May 6 1-4 (Sun)
Sept 5 4-7 (Wed)
Oct 11 3-6 (Thurs)
Nov 8 2-5 (Thurs)

Complementary Jury

The following categories of products are reviewed on a rolling basis:

Books | Cards | Calendars | CDs | Candles | Food Products | Prints | Photography | T-shirts | Pet Products | Personal Care | DVDs

To have your complementary product considered, please submit samples of your product, Complementary Jury Form and the $15 jury fee to the Center. If/when your product is accepted and ordered you will be required to maintain a Retail level membership.


Categories not accepted at the Center for Maine Craft

Dried flower arrangements; pressed flowers; seed and pod decorations; cut bottles and embellished objects such as non-artisan made painted boxes, glasses, stones, shells, and buttons. Original works of art such as paintings. Beaded jewelry assembled of only purchased components (jewelry made with artist-made beads or findings is acceptable). Objects made from commercial kits or commercially available plans are also not acceptable.

Jury Information and Forms

For Artists with Work at the Center

Once an artist is selected to have their work sold at the Center, there are a number of responsibilities and obligations. The following are information sheets and forms you will need:

For Artists and Organizations Participating in Exhibitions