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Arcibello Studio
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Fiber, Paper, Mixed Media, Painting, Books
Maine Lakes/Mountains
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I hope my work inspires awareness, enjoyment, and protection of our natural environment and our world. Many of my techniques incorporate traditional crafts with painting on paper, paying homage to my love of natural materials, textiles, storytelling, folk art, and primitive art.

Diana Arcadipone creates artworks on and of paper. Her passion for making art with natural materials, collage, and mixed media emerged from an early devotion to craft techniques such as papermaking, book arts, basketry, sewing and textiles. Arcadipone's work is informed by primitive art, Asian art, traveling, and the natural environment; it is the intersection of these influences that defines her work.

Diana Arcadipone often makes her own paper with archival materials. She paints with gouache, which offers brilliant opaque washes of color. She works in printmaking and the Book Arts. She often incorporates ink, text, and fabric scraps that are applied with rudimentary tools like handmade brushes and sticks.

Diana Arcadipone studied painting and printmaking at Western Michigan University, where she earned a BFA degree with honors. She earned an MFA degree from Ohio University with honors. She has been awarded artist residencies at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony in Temecula, California as well as The Banff Centre and the Leighton Artists' Colony in Alberta, Canada. She has exhibited work internationally and travels globally to research artmaking techniques.