COLLECTIVI-TEA | Presented by the Metals Collective

On View: January 8th – February 23rd, 2019 in the Center for Maine Craft Gallery  

The renowned Metals Collective presents artisanal tea-ware: Inventive tools to help add a little spice back into the tea ritual.

In reference to the cultural activity of ceremonial preparation and presentation of tea, members of the Collective were challenged to fabricate functional ceremonial tools. The intention: to exhibit each artists skill and ability to create a unique and personal piece. The tea-ware represents a creative exploration into a new realm, granting insight into the artists’ personal preference and creative process within the bounds of a specific object. The challenge is far from typical, but requires the utilization of traditional jeweler’s techniques to create a piece which will bring a touch of beauty, extravagance and play into one’s daily practice. Each piece was handmade by one of the following Metals Collective members:

Ann Thompson · Tegan Curry · Mary Forst · Shelby Goldsmith · Naomi Grace McNeill · Cat Quattrociocchi · Stasia Salvucci · Maria Wolff


The Metals Collective is a Portland, Maine based group of makers whose mission is to promote the craft of metalsmithing & jewelry through collaboration, growth, and public engagement. Founded in 2010, the Metals Collective has produced over a dozen group exhibitions, featuring over 20 different makers. For each show, a theme or historical object is selected for participating members to respond to. Through the collaborative nature of the Metals Collective, each artist is encouraged to create work that is outside the bounds of their regular studio practice, resulting in individual artistic growth. By bringing handmade art jewelry and objects to view in public spaces, the Metals Collective engages the community with explorations of historical content and contemporary metalsmithing  practices. Members range from fresh graduates to seasoned professionals.

Longing for Spring? Tegan Curry’s ‘Tea Strainer’ will transport to you to warmer days while you steep and reflect on a simpler time in your life.
Sophistication is the name of the game when you utilize the ‘Sugar Cube Tongs’ by Mary Forst. Spoons chasing cubes are a thing of the past as you delicately pick and choose the perfect morsel of sweetness.
Bring joy and a sense of playfulness to your tea ritual with Stasia Salvucci’s ‘Multi Tea Type Strainer’. Watch as the water levels rise to meet the tea leaves you’ve so carefully chosen to warm your soul on the chilliest of days.