Maine Craft Portland, residing at the foot of Mechanics’ Hall on Congress St, has opened its resident safe and the #crackthesafe event planned for May 16th has been cancelled.

The Diebold safe was purchased in 1874 for Carter Brothers, a fine jewelry and gift store that was considered the ‘Tiffany’s of Portland’ for over a century.  When Carter Brothers moved out of Mechanics’ Hall in the 1980’s, a vintage resale clothing store, Encore, was to follow into 521 Congress St and resided in this retail space for over 20 years.  Rita Prout Farley, owner of Encore, had never opened the safe.

Maine Craft Portland opened in this location July 2018 and  took up the challenge to find a good ‘safe cracker’ to do the job. Through our neighborly contacts at Springer’s Jewelers, we connected to seasoned safe-cracker, Dana Messer.  Dana has a passion for this unique craft and is known as one of the best safe crackers in the State. He spent six hours finding the combination numbers and opened the safe with Mechanics’ Hall Superintendent and board member Tom Blackburn looking on. What did we find? Nothing! Dana also volunteered his time to crack the combinations for two other Mechanics’ Hall safes.

Please plan to stop in to visit and look inside:

Maine Craft Portland
521 Congress Street (first floor of Mechanics’ Hall)
Portland, Maine 04101

For more info:

maria@mainecrafts.org or 207-808-8184