Gary Massenek (donor) and Danielle Gerber moving studio equipment.

Through a unique and generous donation, the Maine Crafts Association awarded Portland jeweler, Danielle Gerber, with equipment and materials to grow the capacity her metals studio and practice.  As a memorial to a Brunswick metals artist who passed away, her family wanted her studio equipment and materials to donated, with MCA’s assistance, to a deserving up-and-coming metalsmith. With the family’s interests honored at each step, MCA initiated a call for entries and an interview process within our community. Ultimately the family chose MCA member Danielle Gerber, a vibrant young metalsmith, to receive the studio equipment. They were so moved by the quality of applicants that awards were also presented to two finalists, Addison de Lisle and Nina Devenney.

The family’s gift will contribute to the success and craft business futures of Danielle, Addison and Nina; MCA is grateful for so many aspects of this unexpected gift and welcomed the opportunity to contribute to this unique and transformative process.

I couldn’t be more excited and honored for being awarded the studio equipment grant. I extend my greatest appreciation to Gary and the entire family. Betsy was an inspiring woman. I am proud to take on her legacy, and feel very blessed to receive such an immense gift! I also want to extend my appreciation to Maine Crafts Association for facilitating such a unique grant opportunity. Without the help of MCA this may have never come to fruition, and I am so happy that I can continue to put these tools to use. 

– Danielle Gerber, recipient of the Metals Studio Equipment Grant