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Wednesday November 14th at noon

talk + tour + lunch

Tickets are $25, proceeds to benefit Maine Crafts Association + Maine Charitable Mechanic’s Association

Organized by Portland Society for Architecture with partners: Maine Crafts Association + Maine Charitable Mechanic Association, sponsored by Hayrunner and Caleb Johnson Studio
“There has been a lot of attention recently at the Maine Charitable Mechanic Association Mechanics’ Hall located at 519 Congress Street. With the fabulous Earl Shettleworth lecture on Thomas J. Sparrow, the PassivhausME thermal imagery projected during October First Friday  (and their upcoming conference on Nov. 1 and 2nd) – we thought this building and its current and potential future use would make a great tour.
We’ll start in the recently renovated commercial space Maine Craft Portland Retail Gallery + Resource Center with a talk by Maine Crafts Association Executive Director Sadie Bliss and architect Caleb Johnson on the retrofit/redesign.  We’ll then head upstairs for a tour of the halls and the ‘hidden floors’.  A box lunch will follow and be served in the library.”
A portion of the proceeds will benefit Maine Crafts Association and Maine Charitable Mechanic Association.
Lunch co-sponsored by: