For the holidays and throughout the winter season you will see a fantastic art installation in the front windows of Maine Craft Portland. See currently an installation of a contemporary and dynamic fiber sculpture created by the founding member of Transformit, Cynthia Thompson. This installation is called ‘First Light:Solstice’ and is accompanied with ceramic sculptures by Nancy Nevergole and Wood Sculpture by Don Best.

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First Light: Solstice

art installation by
Cynthia Thompson, MFA
founder of Transformit

for Maine Craft Portland

installation assistance by
Matthew Rawdon

“When Maria Wolff, manager of the Maine Craft Association’s Portland store, invited me to create a seasonal art installation,
I thought about the time of year, and the name of the Wabanaki tribe of native Americans, which means “people of the first light”.
Maine receives the first light in the United States.

This installation is how I imagine the Winter Solstice will look, with the sun’s rays low in the sky,
streaming into our world, and into the windows of Maine Craft Portland.”

-Cynthia Thompson