With thanks to Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts and the Margaret E. Burnham Charitable Trust for financial support for these sessions.

Get Ready with CERF+: How to Protect Your Career from Emergencies

(Note: This workshop was originally scheduled for Tuesday, September 29th, 2020, 10-3pm @ Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts and is now being held virtually in four 1 hr segments)

Workshop fee: $20, no membership requirement. Workshop is limited to 40 participants.

Workshop Format: This workshop will be held from noon – 1pm for four consecutive Wednesdays, with topics progressing from one week to the next, however content will all be useful even if you miss one. Please grab your lunch and join us on Zoom!

Dates + Overview:

Week 1: Wednesday, September 30: Introduction and Risk Assessment

Week 2: Wednesday October 7: Addressing Risks, Part 1

Week 3: Wednesday October 14: Addressing Risks, Part 2

Week 4: Wednesday October 21: Making a Plan and Additional Resources

Workshop description:
Can your artistic practice and livelihood withstand and survive a career-threatening emergency? What can you do to be more ready and resilient as an artist? In this workshop, Carrie Cleveland, Education and Outreach Manager at CERF+ will share information and resources so you can better prepared for, respond to, and recover from crises both big and small. Learn about the non-profit organization CERF+, conducting a risk assessment, studio safety, disaster and emergency preparedness, documentation and safe storage, business insurance and key actions to take to protect your career.

Since 2008, Carrie Cleveland has participated in all aspects of CERF+’s work to help artists have resilient careers, from counseling artists seeking assistance to spearheading fundraising appeals to teaching emergency preparedness workshops across the United States and territories. She holds a bachelor’s degree in history, with extensive work in the visual arts, from Marlboro College and prior to her time at CERF+ she spent several years living in New York City where she was an entomologist’s assistant by day and a tenor saxophone player by night. In addition to her work at CERF+, Carrie is a student of Facilitated Communication, an alternative communication method to support people with disabilities; and she is also a beginning metalsmith.

About CERF+:
CERF+ — the Artists Safety Net, a national non-profit based in Montpelier, Vermont now in its 35th year, has become a “go-to” service organization both for emergency assistance (for personal or natural disasters) and for information and resources about sustaining a creative career through its ups and downs. Our financial and educational program services have expanded to meet the ever-evolving needs of professional artists at all phases of their careers. CERF+ began as the Craft Emergency Relief Fund, a modest, grass roots mutual aid organization and has grown into CERF+, now providing emergency grants of $3,000, brokered assistance from suppliers and manufacturers and other businesses to artists working in craft disciplines. CERF+ also provides a strong complement of information resources and educational training opportunities to help all artists prevent or mitigate loss and safeguard careers.

Learn more about CERF: