Creative Concept Design for Small Metals 

Instructor: Patricia Daunis-Dunning, 2018 Master Craft Artist Award

Supplies/Materials Fee: Instructor will provide a supply list

Enrollment limit: 10 FULL, Waitlist only

Level: All levels

The objective of this workshop is to make us think about design beyond our comfort zone, to expand our design thinking and to have fun! Students will explore their metals voice through a creative concept design process that can be applied to many types of studio practices and mediums. The instructor will lead students in exercises to create many paper maquettes as well as prototypes in non-precious materials as students thoroughly consider material, pattern, texture, form and function. The process will result in a newly discovered form that is individual, refined and well-considered, in a material of the student’s choosing.

Patricia Daunis-Dunning never wanted to make jewelry when she was a student at the Rhode Island School of Design. However, when she graduated, people were not lining up for Sterling Teapots, Kiddush Cups and Chalices. Instead, she received a commission to create a brooch for an anniversary gift. It was then that she realized that she didn’t have to create jewelry like what she saw, but could use her metalsmithing skills to push the edges of jewelry design. A Maine native, she founded Daunis Studio with her husband William Dunning in Portland in the early 80s. Over the years, she has employed and inspired many young artists and helped them to develop into confident crafts people. Nationally renowned in the field of jewelry and metalsmithing, Daunis-Dunning has been recognized with many awards, among them DeBeers’s Diamonds Today Award, World Gold Council’s Grand and First Prizes, the MJSA’ Custom Design of Distinction (1st and 2nd Prize),
 the Jewel Award from Jewelers of America and the MCA Master Craft Artist Award in 2018. She has authored numerous articles for Jewelers Inc. Magazine, and has been featured in
 Contemporary American Jewelry Design by Ettagale Blauer and Metalworking for Jewelry by Tim McCreight, 
among many other craft and industry publications. Her work has been shown regionally and nationally, including exhibitions at the Museum of Arts & Design (formerly American Craft Museum) and the Fuller Craft Museum. Daunis-Dunning has taught at Boston University and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.