What is happening?
The Maine Crafts Guild and the Maine Crafts Association are working to combine all that both organizations have to offer and emerge with a single craft organization supporting our joint missions to better support Maine craft artists and provide a rich variety of opportunities.

 Why is this happening?
The Maine Crafts Guild and Maine Crafts Association believe that one single Maine craft organization will better serve Maine craft artists and the general public, as well as, be a better use of internal and external resources organizationally.

What will the new organization be called?
There will be one state organization serving Maine craft artists called the Maine Crafts Association.

What will happen to the Maine Crafts Guild in 2020?
MCG will dissolve after the 2019 show season and not exist any longer as a separate entity.

Who is paying for the costs associated with this process?
The MCA and the MCG are keeping costs as low as possible and sharing expenses for the time being. The MCA is seeking funding to support the transition; if funding is secured it will support expedited new signage, new branding, increased staffing (and more) at a faster pace than without funding.

Who is managing the transition?
The MCA and MCG formed a Transition Team to manage the process, communicate with our boards, members and constituencies and hire professional assistance when needed. The Team consists of members and board members from both MCA and MCG as well as the Director of the MCA.


Who will manage the Maine Crafts Guild Shows in 2019?
The Maine Crafts Guild. The Maine Crafts Association is learning about the shows and collaborating in some ways in 2019 in preparation for managing the shows in 2020.

Who will manage the Maine Crafts Guild Shows in 2020?
The Maine Crafts Association will assume management of the 2020 shows.

I’m an MCA member and want to check out the shows this year, can I get a free ticket?
YES! Please just sign-in at the show registration desk!

Will all four Guild shows continue and what will they be called?
The goal is to maintain all four of the current MCG shows. As a group they will be called Guild Fine Craft Shows. Individually they will include the town location name.

For example: Guild Fine Craft Show: MDI

Will the MCA’s “Portland Fine Craft Show” become a “Guild Fine Craft Show” in 2020?
No, PFCS will continue to be managed as it has been, with its own annual online application and jury process. It will also continue to allow out of state and non-members to exhibit.

Who will be allowed to exhibit in the 2020 Guild Fine Craft Shows (and beyond)?
Maine* craft artists who meet the jury standards, have a current MCA “Guild Level” membership and register and pay on time for the shows. This will include current MCG members and also anyone else who meets these requirements. Guild level members will automatically qualify for the shows, they will not need to apply.

*Residency requirements have not been finalized. Guild shows currently allow League of NH Craftsmen to exhibit which may continue, for example.

Will the show standards change?
No, the same standards of excellence and craftsmanship will guide the jury process and determine who qualifies for the Guild level membership and who may exhibit in the shows.


How will the MCA membership levels and structure change in 2020?
There will be a new juried membership level within MCA called Guild Membership. All other membership levels will remain. If you are a current MCG member you will automatically qualify for the Guild Membership level. Anyone not a current MCG member will need to go through a jury process to join the new Guild Membership level. All exhibitors in Guild Fine Crafts Shows will need to be MCA members at the Guild level. This level will cost $150 annually.

I am an MCG member, what will my status be in 2020?
You will automatically qualify for the MCA Guild level membership without further jurying.  You will be required to maintain a current MCA Guild level membership to continue to exhibit in the Guild Fine Craft Shows.

What if there are two craft artists within our studio practice / business?
You will have one shared partner membership. Both individuals receive full membership benefits. There are partner memberships at both the Guild level and Professional levels. Guild Partner level is $200, Professional Partner level is $150

Is there a requirement that both individuals work in the same medium?
Yes. This is a CHANGE from the current MCA “couples” membership – in 2020, only artists working in the same studio practice / business may have the “Partners” membership. NOT individuals associated in some other way (sharing a life, house, studio, etc.) but creating different work.

I’m an MCA member and don’t plan to exhibit in the shows, will my membership change or will the fees go up?
No. You may continue at your current level/rate and engage in the same way you are currently.

I’m an MCG member, will I be able to sell my work in the MCA retail galleries?
You will be eligible, but need to go through the retail gallery jury process.

What are the other benefits of the MCA’s new Guild level membership?
All of the MCA’s Professional level membership benefits are included in this level.

For more information: sadie@mainecrafts.org