The Maine Crafts Association (MCA) and the Maine Crafts Guild (MCG) are delighted to announce that an alliance between our two organizations is actively being explored. The goal will be to combine all that both organizations have to offer and emerge with a single Maine craft organization supporting our joint missions to better support Maine craft artists and provide a rich variety of opportunities.

An MCA + MCG Transition Team tasked with enacting this collaboration has been created and consists of seven member representatives from both Boards of Directors and memberships. They will work cooperatively throughout the 2019 calendar year toward a formal/legal merge in early 2020.

Meet the Team

• Tyler Gulden, MCA Board President, MCA Member
• Lisa Evans, MCA Board Member, MCA Member
• Lisa Gent, MCG Board President, incoming MCA Board Member, MCA & MCG Member
• Tom Dahlke, MCG Board Member, MCG Member
• Hillary Hutton, MCG Board Member, MCG Member, MCA Member
• Suanne Williams Lindgren, Owner, Spar Cove Consulting; MCA Advisory Board Member, Former MCA Interim Director, MCA Member and Supporter of both MCA & MCG
• Sadie Bliss, MCA Director

Our goals are many and among them are:

• Creating new membership levels;
• Exploring the financial goals and budgets;
• Legal concerns for merging our organizations;
• Management of MCG juried shows for 2019 and into the future;
• Adding equitable representation of MCG to the MCA Board of Directors.

What we have already accomplished:

• Lisa Gent has been voted onto the MCA Board of Directors beginning in September 2019; two more MCG members will be added in 2020;

• In 2019, the MCG shows will run, managed by MCG exactly as they did in 2018 and years prior. MCG has hired Lizz Berry to be the show coordinator of all four shows. Lizz is a current part-time MCA employee, she will fulfill her role as “Show-Co” independent from MCA but act as a bridge between the two organizations. It is likely that in 2020 Lizz will continue in this role, but as an MCA employee.

• MCG and MCA membership will remain independent during the 2019 calendar year and join as one beginning in 2020. Current, juried MCG members will have automatic entry into the 2020 shows and future shows. If you join MCG in 2019 you will be part of this group. (It is not determined yet if the auto entry will apply to the MCA’s only current show, the Portland Fine Craft Show).

Jointly, we have the highest hopes and expectations of a smooth, transparent and thoughtful transition. It is our intention to keep both memberships updated throughout the year of our progress. If you have questions, comments or concerns about the process you are invited to contact anyone on the team. Your input will be shared with the rest of the team and taken into consideration.

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