July 15, 2019 strike of midnight
$200 + Hoodie + Hat + Glory

The Maine Crafts Association is seeking design submissions, DUE JULY 15th, for new MCA gear: Hoodies & Hats!  We are seeking a re-designed, re-imaged or enhanced version of the Maine Crafts Association logo. If your design is selected you will work with MCA staff to finalize the design to meet printing requirements. Prize includes $200 plus one hoodie and one hat and lots of MCA glory. To submit your design, please send a .jpg or .pdf at least 300 dpi  to:

1. MCA Membership Required
2. Deadline July 15, 2019
3. MCA staff will select the winner – we will use a “blind” selection process – artist name will not be known.
4. MCA staff may submit designs, but if so, are excluded from selection process
5. Designer must have the capability of supplying a high resolution, printable electronic version of the design, MCA can help as needed. (your initial submission does not need to meet these requirements)
6. Design may be submitted in unlimited colors, but final version will be reduced to four (MCA staff can assist with this)
7. Designs that can be printed on a dark color are preferred
8. Designs can be drawings, prints, paintings, photographs, electronically generated or any other media, if selected, MCA staff can assist in making the design into a printable file. Please note that this may alter the design, but we will work together to get it right!
9. The design should be recognizable as the MCA Logo, but can be significantly different.
10. The same design will be used on the hoodies and on the hats – the successful design will translate to these two apparel items and sizes