The Maine Crafts Association and Maine Crafts Guild are working to combine all that both organizations have to offer and emerge with a single Maine craft organization supporting our joint missions to better support Maine craft artists and provide a rich variety of opportunities.

April 2, 2019 we had our first official transition team meeting in Portland.  This team consists of three MCG board members, two MCA board members plus the MCA executive director and a facilitator.

We had a very productive meeting as we began to lay out the framework for bringing these two organizations together to better serve the needs of Maine craft artists statewide.  It became clear that while there are many, many details to work through we are all in agreement on the common goals and outcomes to achieve by 2020.

We created several subgroups to begin working on specific tasks:

• Vision Statement to guide the process going forward.

• Communication, Culture and Marketing

• Membership and Jury

• Board, Leadership and By-Laws

• Staff Roles and Impact

• Legal, Financial and Physical Assets

Members from both organizations will be focusing on these subgroups in the coming months.

To maintain transparency, you will continue to receive updates like this one; MCA and MCG board presidents, Tyler Gulden and Lisa Gent will communicate meeting summaries and transition progress to both memberships within one week of each meeting.

Thank you for your support during this process,

Lisa Gent MCG President
Tyler Gulden, MCA President