The Maine Crafts Guild and the Maine Crafts Association are working to combine all that both organizations have to offer and emerge with a single craft organization supporting our joint missions to better support Maine craft artists and provide a rich variety of opportunities.

We continue to make progress on bringing our two organizations together. The feedback from both members of MCG and MCA, as well as, the general public has been positive and supportive. As always, we encourage you to reach out to any Transition Team member with feedback; we report this feedback at every meeting.

On July 16th we had our fourth transition team meeting in Portland.

At this recent meeting much of our work focused on developing a comprehensive timeline including a detailed to-do list as well as continued legal issues and marketing and followed up on the work of several sub-committees.

Topics included:

  • Discussion on finding the right lawyer to fit our needs
  • Finalized details for MCG/MCA show booth with its debut at the MDI show
  • Researching possibilities for grant funding to support the transition and 2020 needs
  • Developing a fact sheet to answer questions about MCG/MCA collaboration
  • Finalizing 2020 membership levels and benefits
  • Continued work on MCA by-laws and establishing a standards and jury committee
  • Discussion on the possibility of trademarking show name/logo in 2020
  • Finalizing details the MCA 2019 Master Craft Artist Award Presentation event at Belfast show August 16th

We Accomplished:

  1. The MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) was signed by both organizations
  2. We developed a comprehensive timeline with a to-do list that will help direct the transition team in accomplishing the needs ahead of us. This is a working timeline and can be adapted and updated as needed.

As always, we thank you for your support during this process.


Lisa Gent – MCG President

Tyler Gulden – MCA President