The Maine Crafts Guild and the Maine Crafts Association are working to combine all that both organizations have to offer and emerge with a single craft organization supporting our joint missions to better support Maine craft artists and provide a rich variety of opportunities.

We continue to make progress on bringing our two organizations together.  The feedback from both members of MCG and MCA as well as the general public has been positive and supportive. As always, we encourage you to reach out to any Transition Team member with feedback; we report this feedback at every meeting.

On October 22nd we had our seventh transition team meeting in Portland.

At this recent meeting much of our work focused on preparing for the 2020 MCA Guild Fine Craft Shows including venues, dates and staffing going forward.  We also discussed potential legal steps as we near the close of the year.

Topics included:

Finalizing 2020 show dates and availability of venues.

!! Due to the unavailability of the MDI high school for 2020 we are taking this opportunity to research other permanent venues on MDI. We welcome input from members on possible venues or contacts on the island.

Currently the three other show venues are on track for 2020.

The Transition Team’s membership committee presented final jury process recommendation, minor edits were made and the 2020 jury information has been posted on the MCA website here. The MCA Guild Level jury process will open in January 2020.

Discussion of next steps guiding membership of both organizations into new membership structure and timeline.

>>> Friday November 1, 2019 – jury process for MCG membership closes and reopens January 1, 2020 for MCA Guild Level Membership on the MCA site.
>>> Current MCG members (as of 2018/2019) are able to register for MCA Guild Level Membership now.

Next steps to redirect people from MCG website and social media to MCA

Roles of current MCG contracted employees in preparation for 2020 shows
Possible legal/organizational actions that need to happen before the end of the year.  The need to secure legal assistance was discussed and Tyler Gulden is contacting our lawyer with specific action items.

Reviewed the 2019 MCG financials to date, these financials are being used to inform the MCA 2020 budget process, as all income, expense and cash on hand will be absorbed into the MCA 2020 budget.

Reviewed the action steps from September.  All were completed or on-going.

Reviewed transition timeline and made adjustments, changes, and discussed progress and upcoming needs with added action items.

Thank you and WELCOME from the Maine Crafts Association to MCA/MCG member Christine Peters, and MCG Member Tom Dahlke, who have joined Lisa Gent as new MCA Board members: our transition process included positioning MCG representatives on the MCA Board and we are happy to have completed this important step!

As always, we thank you for your support during this process and please contact any member of the Transition Team with your comments, questions or concerns.


Lisa Gent – MCG President
Tyler Gulden – MCA President