PBL Robots Gaming Night

Maine Craft Portland will be hosting a unique local gaming night this December in introduction to the Portland, Maine made PBL Robots game! Come learn from the creators!

In 2015, William Hessian and John “Sighless” Supinski of Portland, ME created a brand-new strategy card and dice game called PBL ROBOTS! “The game is an interesting mix of Risk and Magic the Gathering, except this game has giant 100-foot Robots!” William said. The card game challenges each player to collect cards in a draft format in order to build their deck. When the battle begins each player slide their pilot card into the robot card, courtesy of a die cut cockpit in the center of the robot. Then players lay armor cards on the robot to watch the robot grow stronger and boost up the attack and defense. When players start attacking, they roll dice to determine if the robot will blow of an arm, a leg or a head. Each pilot has a powerful critical form when you are down to one remaining limb, which gives the losing player a chance to make a comeback, but when a robot has lost of four limbs the game is over.

Maine Craft Portland will be highlighting this game, with select gaming evenings and artwork that went into creating the robots and pilots this January 2020. Come beat the crowds and get in on the craft of this gaming buzz!

Hosting: Hidden Ladder Games: William Hessian, John ‘Sighless’ Supinski and Abbeth Russel

First Friday, January 3rd: Art and History of PBL Robots
Opening Presentation 5-8pm

Game Day: January 12 (new and advanced players) 2-5pm

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