Take Action – A Call to Artists and Makers

Instructor: Kifah Abdulla

Supplies/Materials Fee: $35

Enrollment limit: 12

Level: All levels are welcome

Visual language has the power to engage others, start conversations, influence feeling and effect change. This workshop provides a setting for thoughtful and direct expression and response to contemporary social issues through drawing and the painterly printmaking process of monotype. Students will write and draw as well as create monotype prints and multiples; collaborative work including collaboration with the instructor is possible. Students will be encouraged to explore the use of non-traditional and/or conceptually-based drawing and painting objects for mark-making in addition to conventional art-making tools.

Kifah Abdulla is a poet, painter, performer,  activist and world citizen. Born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq, he spent over eight years as a prisoner of war in Iran. He paints and writes poetry mining his life experiences, yielding work with universal themes of love, freedom, hope, fate, passion and peace. He is interested in intersections of contemporary visual art, poetry, interior design, graphic design and illustration. Kifah published a book of poetry, Dead Still Dream, in 2016 and is working on a memoir. He reads his short stories and poetry in public, often accompanied by a cello. His visual art works have been exhibited in Portland, where he is involved in many cultural and artistic projects, including the Portland Public Art Committee and the International Arabic Language Festival. Kifah teaches Arabic calligraphy at the Maine College of Art, and he is an Arabic instructor at SMCC and the Language Exchange.