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Afterlife – Arriving in Balance

It takes a long time
to become young.

– Pablo Picasso

“I work in the abstract.  My artistic process is one of deconstructing – taking a concept and peeling apart its shell.  When I arrive at the seed of an idea, I work with its essence as an expression from this freshly discovered energetic space.

As I approached the concept of the Holy Grail for this show, I teased apart the phrase and became curious about the words ‘Holy’ and ‘Grail’.  I arrived at the notion of ‘Holy’ as ‘Whole’ and the definition of ‘Grail’ as ‘earnestly pursued or sought after’.  I then dove into the mainstream concept of the Holy Grail being a cup or a chalice – something to hold, to feed, for pleasure, a container, a conduit for life.  The questions of what it is to be held – to be ‘cupped’ – arose from these queries along with what it is to experience the inception of the sacred and witness the journey of its life cycle.

The image of the Chalice as the Holy Grail has interpretations as symbolism for the female reproductive system.  The energy of this really spoke to me.  As a shamanic practitioner, I muse and meditate regularly on the idea of life cycles, whether they are life cycles of blood and bone, spoken words, the natural kingdom or the energetic world.  From this my four pieces were birthed.”

This piece is currently on display at Maine Craft Portland as part of the special exhibition, “The Holy Grail: Miraculous Items of Power“.

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About the Artist

Sara Palumbo
Bath, ME

Having grown up in New York City, fiber sculptor Sara Palumbo embarked on her artistic path two years after moving to Maine with her husband in 2015.  Her work is inspired by her studies and experience with the Shamanic arts.  In a process that can be described as conversational, Sara approaches each of her felted pieces with curiosity.  She takes on the role of an interpreter, as she allows the spirit of piece she is creating collaborate with her in its creation.

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