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This large serving spoon was handcrafted by woodworker David Pollock of Fayette, Maine from beautiful Maine Bird’s Eye Maple. Maggie’s Farm wooden utensils are a customer favorite for wedding and housewarming gifts.

Each spoon measures 13″L.

This item is available at the Center for Maine Craft in West Gardiner

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About the Artist

Maggie’s Farm
Fayette, Maine

The owner of Maggie’s Farm, wood sculptor, David Pollock, has been working exclusively in wood full-time for the past 40 years. His current work is in the area of gourmet wooden cooking utensils and a few household items. We use domestic and non-endangered imported hardwoods and strive to create pieces which are comfortable to hold and ergonomic to use. Each item is unique and no two are alike.

We strive to honor the inherent beauty of the wood with our work, and encourage you to embrace the individuality of the items you choose. If a piece of wood has an interesting knot or marking, often we will spend the extra time to polish it up and bring it into the spotlight so that what might have been considered a blemish can now be experienced as an individual expression of beauty.

Maggie’s Farm has grown to include several people working in a “tiny house” style workshop in the very rural and often very snowy foothills of Maine. Two of us have degrees in double bass, several are dancers, one is a lefty, a few are women. Occasionally your order will take an extra day to ship because one of us is a frontline medical worker by night. (We take covid precautions extremely seriously – we tell folks we were wearing respirators before it was cool!) While we wish we could stick to our old school ways of meeting you-all in person at craft shows, we are adapting to the covid world as best we can here on Etsy. We are not Amazon and have no aspirations to be anything like them, we just want to make sure our spoons can go about spreading the joy from whence they came, as they ought!

We consider it a great privilege to feel the wood take shape under our hands each day. We treasure the connections we have made through this kind of work.

Additional Details

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3 in

Bird's Eye Maple, Ribbon