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Bol Sein

“In 1787, Jean-Jacques Lagrenée le Jeune and Louis-Simon Boizot created the Bol Sein, also called Jatte tétons at the time, for the dairy of Rambouillet, a leisure farm offered by the King Louis XVI to Marie-Antoinette. There, the Queen and her close female friends came to relax and enjoy the bucolic atmosphere. The form is said to have inspired the classic champagne coupe.

I created this Bol Sein as part of a collection of work made on commission. A fun challenge, I decided to create a small series of pedestals and bowls in various shapes and sizes. Through my
collaborative design with the customer we came upon the lion forms in the pedestal; a holy grail of power and scandal. I find the combined imagery of male lion heads and single bare breast to expose and showcase the intimate parts of a prominent woman’s personal life and anatomy. The precarious balance between the pedestal and bowl is a symbol of the white woman’s role to collaboratively maintain oppressive dynamics in society with their male counterparts in exchange for security. The power and prejudice associated with female form, the separation from the rest of the body, the lily- white skin tone, are placed on a pedestal of iconic femininity held up by masculine values. I created this form to be much larger than the original, and during firing warped the rim. Who then holds the power of imperfections, odd dimensions, the boldness to remain exposed?”

This piece is currently on display at Maine Craft Portland as part of the special exhibition, “The Holy Grail: Miraculous Items of Power“.


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About the Artist

Whitney Gill
Bowdoin, ME

Whitney Gill is a clay artist and illustrator who studied fine art & ceramics at the University of Maine, and has continued to refine her craft through the guidance and support of many great Maine artists & organizations. Whitney is passionate about helping fellow Maine artists establish connections and gain new skills to grow their creative businesses through membership and active involvement in community organizations such as the Maine Crafts Association. Raised on her family’s 200-year-old farm in Western Maine, Whitney has always admired the artist’s way of life and the creative magic that can be found in rural places. She strives to make her own creative contribution to the world around her on a daily basis. She now lives in Bowdoin with her spouse, dog, and two children. In her free time she enjoys exploring the roads less traveled to Maine’s woods, lakes and mountains.

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