Brown Leather Sunglass Case – Green Splatter | 33 by Hand


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A brown scored leather glasses case with unique splatters of green paint.

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About the Artist

33 by Hand
Portland, ME

James McLaughlin – designer, music producer and leather good maker – grew up with his family in Skowegan, Maine, before setting out on his own, traveling all over the country before ultimately settling back to his native state in 2014.

“I have seen my pieces travel to various corners of the world and become worn in and loved. These experiences, plus my constant drive to create and send my personal style out to the world keep me going, and push me to constantly develop my brand and the pieces I create.

My true passion has become the blending of rugged outdoor performance and durability with contemporary and bold fashion forward design. This mix of function and style is where 33 By Hand lives and thrives. “

Additional Details

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 7 × 1 in