Dao Niger Vallis Necklace | Tom Ferrero


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Dao Niger Vallis
Silver, copper, coral, onyx, plaster, mineral pigments

Based on the landscape valley on Mars, this piece is an exquisite work of art to be worn on earth or in outer space!

Mars Series

The Mars Series (still in progress) explores scientifically significant and aesthetically interesting landscapes and topographical features on the planet Mars. I’m interested in promoting current discoveries in space exploration and astrophysics through the vehicle of fine art jewelry and hope to reach new audiences through this cross-disciplinary adventure. Currently, the work is comprised of large sculptural necklaces with forms that allude to space shuttle, satellite and rocket components. These structures then house carved cameos of the Martian landscape referenced from orbital imagery maps.

Science and Art are offspring of the same parents – Curiosity and Exploration. By focusing on geologic features that are both visually unique and beautiful as well as important to informing scientists understanding of the Red Planet, I am simultaneously celebrating the discoveries astronomers are making while hoping to invite dialog about these discoveries into the world of visual art.



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About the Artist

Tom Ferrero
Vienna, ME

Tom Ferrero is a metal artist, painter, designer and teacher. He is also a recipient of a United States FULBRIGHT grant and is a two time, 1st Place, NICHE AWARD winner as well as a 1st place winner in the International SAUL BELL DESIGN competition. He held the rank of Assistant Professor of Jewelry for 6 years at NSCAD Univeristy in Halifax, Canada and is into his second decade as the Department Head of Metalsmithing at Camp Laurel in central Maine. He is currently a part time Art Instructor at Maranacook Community High School where he teaches a variety of classes including Drawing, Painting and Darkroom Photography and is a Lecturer at the University of Maine – Augusta, teaching courses in 3D Design.

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