Ghost Buck | Dean Dennett


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Winner, John N. Cole Award for Maine-themed Nonfiction, 2016 Maine Literary Award

In Ghost Buck, outdoorsman Dean Bennett takes readers along to the place where he feels most connected to nature and his family––Camp Sheepskin. Guided by his family’s camp register, photos, and letters ranging from the 1800s to the present, Bennett reflects on his annual visits to his Western Maine camp since his boyhood. Through intimate narrative, he recalls hunting triumphs and defeats, including the elusive Ghost Buck that haunts the camp’s surrounding forest. This multi-generational tale combines memoir, history, and politics as it illustrates the environmental and cultural changes that have altered hunting and the rural culture of the Maine woods. Ghost Buck is not a book about how to hunt, but rather a story of how a tradition like hunting in Maine can forge unshakeable family bonds.

Written by Dean Bennett
Format: Softcover Book
Length: 224 pages
Publication Date: 2015
ISBN: 9781939017666

Located at the Center for Maine Craft in West Gardiner.

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About the Artist

Dean Bennett, a lifelong Maine resident, went on his first hunting trip to his family’s Camp Sheepskin at the age of three and has spent each hunting season since at the camp. Bennett has been a cabinetmaker, curriculum developer, education program evaluator, college professor, and author. An advocate for the environment, Bennett names deer hunting as a pastime, and simultaneously has stressed the importance of environmental ethics while serving on various environmental organizations over his lifetime. He lives in Hallowell, Maine, with his wife, biologist Sheila K. Bennett. Ghost Buck: The Legacy of One Man’s Family and its Hunting Traditions is his tenth book.

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