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Offering Bowl With Paten | Cathie Cantara


Offering Bowl with Paten

“Alternative firing methods have long been an important part of my studio practice.  The unpredictable results from raku, smoke, and saggar firing imbue the work with a magical quality.

I have chosen to use horsehair raku and a mica infused smoke fired piece to create a traditional interpretation of the Holy Grail as a chalice (offering bowl) and paten.  The process as well as the symbolism associated with the materials used are meant to convey a sense of mystical power.

The frenetic energy of the horsehair raku on the inside of the paten represents the power of nature, lightning and electricity.  The outside of the offering bowl was infused with a mica solution before firing and then smoked in a reduction bin to bring out the lustrous quality of the material.  Mica is thought to protect against negative energy.  Gold leaf has been used not only because of the lovely warn glow it creates on the inside of the bowl and bottom of the paten but also because gold has long been associated with courage, passion, magic and wisdom.”

This piece is currently on display at Maine Craft Portland as part of the special exhibition, “The Holy Grail: Miraculous Items of Power“.


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About the Artist

Homeport Pottery Studio
Kennebunkpot, ME

Cathie Cantara’s parents met in art school and she grew up in an environment that nurtured and encouraged creativity. During a pottery class in high school, her parents purchased a potters wheel for her and the seed was planted. As a full time studio potter, Cathie specializes in high-fired functional stoneware, as well as raku horse hair fired art pottery.

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