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Made in the same fashion as their handmade paper lamps, their line of jewelry stands on it’s own. Ember Grove collects wildflowers to incorporate into their designs, such as the Jerusalem Artichoke flower petals seen here.

This piece is currently at Maine Craft Portland.

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About the Artist

Ember Grove
Falmouth, Maine

Lisa grew up in Maine and received a BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry making from Maine College of Art (MECA) in 2002. While at MECA, she was able attend the mobility program which allowed her to study at the College of Arts and Crafts, (now the California College of the Arts) in California. While she was initially hoping to learn glass blowing and study fashion and textiles, she ended up taking paper making and fibers classes that really spoke to her. After graduating she began combining metal and paper and creating large sculptural pieces that you could fit inside of and interact with. These pieces quickly evolved to be smaller and illuminated.

Lisa operated Ember Grove Gallery from 2004 to 2012 at the base of Munjoy Hill in Portland, Maine.  The Gallery featured 20-35 Maine artist and craftspeople as well as Lisa’s studio space. In 2012, after realizing that maintaining retail hours at the gallery was not allowing her to grow as an artist, she closed the Gallery.  She rented several studio spaces before renovating the space she is currently in at her home. This new space has allowed her to develop and re-found a passion for creating larger pieces and installations. You can find Lisa’s work in commercial installations as well as private collections.

Lisa resides in Falmouth, Maine with her daughter, husband and crazy bulldog.

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