Pinched Porcelain Mug | Ingrid Bathe


This beautifully hand built mug has the mark of Ingrid Bathe’s unique gestural style, complete with permanent finger imprints that cherish the handmade nature.  The inside is glazed with an elegant soft blue.  Each mug in unique – no two are alike, and the mug received may differ slightly from the photo.

This piece is currently at Maine Craft Portland.

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About the Artist

Ingrid Bathe
Newcastle, ME

Simple, thoughtful, clean, elegant and frugal are best used descriptions for Ingrid Bathe’s ceramic work. She explores the scope of possibility within the medium by using traditional techniques and elevating them. While hand building the work, Ingrid leaves behind her fingerprints in the porcelain, allowing the viewer to easily see the process. Although the work appears fragile and delicate, it is high fired making each piece durable and strong.



Additional Details

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in