Polished Beach Stone Dish | Timberstone Rustic Arts


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This hefty grey + pink beach stone was hand-selected on Maine beaches by artist Mark Guido. The stone has been carved smooth on two sides, to sit level on a shelf, and with a slightly curved and polished top to hold trinkets, a soap bar, tea light, etc. The stone’s sides have been left their natural, ocean-smoothed texture.

This item is located at the Center for Maine Craft in West Gardiner.

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About the Artist

Timberstone Rustic Arts
Mark Guido
Montville, Maine

A builder by trade, Mark became inspired by the shapes and forms he saw in the woods and on the beaches of Maine. this inspired him to create his line of stone products and rustic furniture. Mark’s work is made from found materials, such as stone, twigs and burls which he has gathered from the forests and approved beach sites on the Coast of Maine. The stones are only collected from approved sites, with owner permission. By boat or on foot, Mark and his crew spend hours looking for the most exquisite colors and shapes they can find.

The stones are sorted according to their size and the type of product they will become (i.e. vase, lamp, etc.) and the bottoms are flattened using masonry saws and grinders. Industrial drills are used for boring holes and a tung oil finish is hand rubbed onto each stone. This finish brings out the color of the stone (as it appears when seen in the water) and gives it a soft luster.

Additional Details

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

Beach Stone, Tung Oil