Shaker Inspiration Book | Christian Becksvoort


Opinionated? Yes. Informative? Absolutely. Interesting and inspiring? You bet.  Not too many woodworkers can claim five decades of business success, but Christian Becksvoort is one of them.  In this accessible and interesting book, he shares not only his woodworking knowledge and some of his best professional techniques for producing top-quality work, but also the business advice that helped him establish and sustain his long career in a one-man shop.  Plus, he shares measured drawings for 13 of his own well-known furniture designs and seven Shaker pieces he’s reproduced.

Whether or not you, like Christian, are inspired by the Shaker tradition, you’re sure to be inspired by one of the best-known names in woodworking.  The perfect gift for craft appreciators, as well as beginner and professional woodworkers alike.

This book has been called an “instant treasure” by famous woodworker and television actor Nick Offerman.

This item is currently available at Maine Craft Portland.

About the Artist

C.H. Becksvoort
New Gloucester, ME

Christian Becksvoort believes that in the long run a well-designed, well-built piece of furniture that lasts 100 years is always preferable to one that can be bought at one quarter the price but must be replaced every ten years.  So, he takes his time to create custom and made-to-order pieces from native, sustainably harvested cherry wood using time honored joinery techniques.  Since the mid 1970s, he has worked with the last Shaker community here at Sabbathday Lake, Maine, to assist with restoration.  These Shaker pieces and traditions have had a profound influence on his work.