Tencil Lace Scarf – Purple | Amy Smith


This scarf is handwoven from tencel, a strong yet soft eco-friendly fiber, which allows for an intricate lace weave. Measures 7″ x 72″ (6′) with 6″ fringe on the ends.  A beautiful deep purple runs throughout this piece, with a gradient of eggplant to marine blue to lilac.

This piece is located at Maine Craft Portland.

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About the Artist

Blue Feet Studio
Arrowsic Island, ME

Amy Smith works on noncomputerized 8-shaft floor looms — intriguing tools of wood and string, themselves simple yet sophisticated. Smith’s fine wearables are woven in Tencel, an eco-friendly fiber made from wood pulp (primarily eucalyptus) that yields a strong fine yarn with a natural luster that is a pleasure to weave. On the loom, Smith transforms it into textile with a marvelous hand and lovely drape – a pleasure to wear. The pieces are light enough to wear through the summer; yet soft for wrapping up in through the winter. Elegant for special occasions; yet delightful for every day. All Smith’s designs are worn by any gender.

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Dimensions 9 × 12 × 1 in