The Life of a Maine Lobsterman—82 Years on the Water | Andrew Gove


Andrew Gove represents a disappearing culture. In 1937 at age 7, he started lobstering from Eagle Island, Maine, and didn’t quit for 82 years. That hard-work ethic stemmed directly from his upbringing on Eagle Island, one that focused on family interdependence, self-sufficiency, trust and honesty—concepts he exhibited throughout his entire life.

Andy was one of the hardest workers on the water in his lifetime, fishing for lobster, halibut and herring out of Stonington, Maine, and was always willing to lend a hand to those in distress, whether in his boat or his plane. But he also knew how to play and participated in the Maine Lobsterboat Races for many years, winning races a multitude of times.

Andy’s memoir is written with warmth, humor and humility. Told in his own words and unique voice, reading it will make you feel like you’re sitting at his kitchen table, listening to his stories and feeling his love, compassion and commitment to family, friends, work and animals.

Written by Andrew Gove
Format: Softcover Chapter Book
Length: 196 pages
Publication Date: December 2020
ISBN:  9780578544731

Located at the Center for Maine Craft in West Gardiner.

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About the Artist

Andrew Gove was born in 1930 in Stonington, Maine, and grew up under the tutelage of his grandparents on Eagle Island, Maine, just off the coast of Deer Isle. Stemming from self-sufficient hard-working people, he gained an early work ethic and started lobstering at age 7. He continued to fish for 82 years, learning to fly a two-seater Cessna in his 40s so he could spot schools of herring and, not incidentally, assist those in distress on the water. He began writing down the stories of his experiences in later life, prompted by so many who told him he should write a book. Sadly, Andy died in June 2020, having reached age 90 and just a few months shy of seeing his book dream come to fruition and holding a book in his hands.

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