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You don’t need to have a tree to display your ornaments! Some are so lovely that you may just want to keep them on display year round. We love how wood turner Lanny Dean made these sleek stands to complement his beautiful birdhouse ornaments. A softly tapered maple base has been turned and cut to sit at a slight angle. The base supports a thick, sturdy wire with a curled end on which to hang your ornament, suspending it a few inches above a shelf or countertop.

Approximate dimension (please bear in mind the handmade nature of this item, measurements may vary slightly from the item shown in this description):
Total height: 14″
Base width: 3″

Also pictured: Birdhouse ornaments by Lanny Dean, sold separately. See his whole collection available online here. These items are located at the Center for Maine Craft in West Gardiner.

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About the Artist

Lanny Dean Woodworking
Union, Maine

My first encounter with woodturning was in a Union Maine high school shop class. After a few years in the army and returning right back to Maine I went to work for the local power company as a lineman, staying with the company for a forty year stint. During this time I was also either rebuilding an old house, or building a new one, moving back to the old family farm in 1981 where I reside today. In 2009 I decided I wanted to try turning again, and into my cellar arrived a small lathe from Woodworkers Warehouse. I accepted their brochure to The Woodturning School, attended classes there. and was forever hooked. I have since attended multiple classes at regional and national symposiums and local woodturning clubs. With a much bigger lathe, a dedicated shop and having retired for a few years the passion to reveal the contents of mostly burl wood now consumes a large portion of my time. Using almost entirely locally grown timber, I prefer to sell my work directly to people. While I do place some pieces in a few select shops, most sales are through attending shows such as the Maine Craft Guild’s, now merged into the MCA. I do still treasure one turned bowl from that original shop class in the 1960s.

Additional Details

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 4 in

Wood, Paint, Polymer Clay, Glue, Cotton String