Wrens Dish | Tim Christensen


A small, footed dish.  This one-of-a-kind bowl has been etched by hand by artist Tim Christensen.  Lightweight and imbued with unique texture due to the firing, a group of wrens flit round the outside of this bowl.  Approximately 3″ tall and 4.5″ in diameter.

This piece is currently at Maine Craft Portland.

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About the Artist

Tim Christensen
Roque Bluffs, ME

Tim Christensen has been a potter since 1999, and working in black and white porcelain on sgraffito since 2004.

“My work is about the ever changing web of relationships that surround us. Individuals make contact to create relationships, relationships collide to create systems. These systems change over time in response to the other systems around them. I envision my world as an infinite collection of active counterparts, individuals symbiotically wriggling and moving and jostling for space and resources. In this sea of systems, of relationships, I sit and try to untangle it, sit and try to communicate what I see changing, being created, or disappearing into the past. This is why I work in our most durable medium, porcelain, and in our longest unbroken historical record, pottery. My work, functional in the information I convey, will be understandable to anyone with an eyeball and the ability to think abstractly. My goal is to make work which still speaks clearly in 10,000 years, and more importantly to convey the complexity and richness of the world in which I am most fortunate to live.”

Additional Details

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in