MCA Guild Fine Craft Show
2020 Calendar

JULY 24, 25, 26
Guild Fine Craft Show: MDI

AUGUST 14, 15, 16, 2020
Guild Fine Craft Show: Belfast

SEPTEMBER 19 & 20, 2020
Guild Fine Craft Show: Scarborough

OCTOBER 24 & 25
Guild Fine Craft Show: Brunswick

2020 MCA Guild Fine Craft Shows: Exhibitor Registration Open

New in 2020, the Maine Crafts Association is managing four fine craft shows previously managed by the Maine Crafts Guild. Our two organizations have joined together as one Maine craft organization offering all the programs, events and initiatives previously offered by each separate organization. The shows feature fine craft artists from the Maine Crafts Guild juried membership and craft artists who have have been juried into the new Guild level of membership by the MCA. The shows will also include a selection of juried craft artists from the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.

The intent of the shows, as it was under Maine Crafts Guild management, is to nurture a market place where the public can see, collect and learn about the highest quality craft objects made by Maine’s most dedicated, talented and trained craft artists who have mastered their tools, techniques and vision to create original fine craft objects for everyday use and special occasions.

How to Exhibit at the 2020 MCA Guild Fine Craft Shows

STEP 1: Become an MCA Guild Level Member: Qualify for this membership level by applying for the jury or pre-qualify by having been a member of the Maine Crafts Guild in 2018 or 2019.

STEP 2: Register for the MCA Guild Fine Craft Shows: Show registration now open for current 2020 MCA Guild Level Members