Writing Salon

“I provide the group with a writing prompt,then we all shut off our video and audio and write for 20 minutes. There are no rules or guidelines to what you write. Opportunity to read and give positive feedback.”

First workshop is FREE!
Please send $5 for each workshop
Venmo: Tanya Alsberg

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Paint Maine: A Playful and Introductory Course in Watercolor Painting, On-Line Course

“Watercolor is a beautiful and meditative medium! Come get started with me and create a new “art habit”. While we explore Maine subjects, we will learn watercolor painting set-up, the language of brushes, how to paint washes, how to work with soft and hard edges with flowing forms and solid shapes, color – balance, saturation, value, harmony, and how to compose your first pictures and getting started.”


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Creative Embroidery On Paper: How To “Draw” With Thread

Drawing and fiber arts combine in this fun and experimental medium. If you sew, you probably have all the materials on hand! Maine artist Jaime Wing began using thread to create text and images on his prints and handmade paper – and he would like to share his process with you, step-by-step.

Thursdays, Nov 5 + 12, 12:00 – 2:00 pm

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