Buddy DoyleCenter for Maine Craft

I came to the Center for Maine Craft seeking refuge from retirement.  Having given it a shot, I soon realized that creative people – do what they do because they simply can’t help it.  I’m honored to be the Center’s  “new kid on the block”, as well as perhaps its elder statesman.

After what might be described as a colorful and varied career in advertising and design, photography has always been my first love.  Back in the day, I taught design and photography at California State University / Long Beach.  Equally as rewarding was an opportunity through the Long Beach Recreation Department to teach inner-city teens in a makeshift kitchen/darkroom. I taught them photography. They taught me how to dance. No small task, that.

Of my greatest photographic achievements was once having a cup of coffee with Ansel Adams at the Friends of Photography in Carmel. Several years later, I parked my car next to (Rolling Stone Magazine’s) Annie Lebovitz who had just parked hers at LAX (Los Angeles Int’l Airport).  We discussed photography and life on the shuttle bus all the way to Terminal B where, sadly, we boarded separate flights.  It was like in Casablanca … without the fog.  I was headed to New Jersey.  Annie was headed to super-stardom.

Portraiture is certainly my main focus if you will pardon the pun.  The late French photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson coined the term “the decisive moment”: that instant when the essence of a subject or an event is captured for posterity.  It doesn’t always happen – there’s certainly no guarantee. Some may call it magic.  Others might call it luck.  I’m delighted to be affiliated with the Center for Maine Craft working with those who simply and passionately call it art.