Mandy LyneMaine Craft Portland
Mandy Lyne is a metal smith and wax carver who founded her line ‘We Are Ancients’ to create future artifacts for modern women.
Before learning the trade, Mandy spent years buying and selling antique jewelry in Austin, TX. From Native American turquoise to Georgian era diamonds, her interest in antique jewelry continually shifted earlier in time, until reaching her ancient inspirations. With a love of ancient jewelry and an inability to source it, she began apprenticing to learn the trade.
While she had been long fascinated with the history of jewelry, learning the craft added a new layer of appreciation for these artifacts. She began to see these handmade pieces as opportunities for an authentic connection to an unknown stranger. In holding handmade jewelry you can see shadows of the wearer and maker. This human connection through the handmade continually inspires her work at both Maine Craft Portland and We Are Ancients.