The Craft Makers Gambit An Exhibition of Chess

On View: Nov 5 – Dec 31st, 2021
Application Deadline: May 31, 2021
Location: Center for Maine Craft & Maine Craft Portland
Best in Show Checkmate Winner Announcement: December 15th

Craft Maker: A person who practices or is highly skilled in a craft; artisan

Gambit: A device, action, or opening remark, typically one entailing a degree of risk, that is calculated to gain an advantage.

The Craft Makers Gambit : Call for Chess Inspired Work

The game of Chess is making a sensational pop culture comeback with patrons of all ages coming out of the woodwork looking for unique chess boards and themed items.
Maine Crafts Association invites MCA craft artist members who have been approved through the MCA retail jury process in all mediums to create upon the theme of this ancient game for the exhibition.

While we are thrilled to hear of our patrons’ interest in purchasing Maine made chess sets, we are aware of the amount of time it takes to create a full Chess set. Here we encourage makers to collaborate! Perhaps a woodworker makes the 64 square chess board with a fiber artist making the 32 playing pieces? Or a ceramicist makes the chess board, while a glass artist makes the playing pieces? Imagine how uniquely gorgeous these collaborative sets could be! 

The exhibition is not limited to full chess sets: Members may create work based on the theme… for ex. Sculptures of the Queen of Chess, prints or chess themed tea towels, chess pawn salt and pepper shakers, chess knight and rook candle holders, mugs, or silver chess piece charms. How about pieces that perhaps redefine the characters of the game altogether? The ideas are endless!

Checkmate Winner!

Gallery patrons will cast their vote for Best in Show, we will fondly call the Checkmate Winner, throughout the duration of the exhibition. The winner(s) receive a free 2022 MCA membership and serious MCA bragging rights & PR love!

Votes must be cast by Dec 14th at 8pm.

Submit an Application

Let’s see what your next move is MCA craft artists! 

Email Maria Wolff for your application today!

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through May 31st.

For those wishing to collaborate with another craft artist and need assistance in finding one to collaborate with, share your design ideas with Maria. She will seek out a possible fellow MCA partner for you. 

New to the MCA? 

To be considered for representation in MCA retail gallery exhibitions, please review the jury information at the link below. If your work has already gone through this approval process and/or you have work currently available in our galleries, you do not need to reapply. While membership is not required in the jury application phase, exhibitors will need to be a current professional member (or become a member) in order to participate in this MCA member’s exhibition. 

The MCA retail gallery jury process is open to all craftspeople including MCA members and non-members who live and work at least seasonally in Maine. All qualifying work must be made by hand, well conceived, and expertly executed in Maine with the use of appropriate equipment and tools.

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