Yuri Kobayashi
Jennifer Neptune
Josiane Mutangana
Emi Ito
Ebenezer Akakpo
JAK Designs
Lisa Ferreira Jones
Autumn Cipala
Jody Meredith
Lynn Duryea

Maine Crafts Association and Shop Maine Craft work in partnership to support and expand Maine’s creative Economy.

Maine Crafts Association was founded in 1983 to support and connect Maine’s craft artists. Our non-profit organization provides educational programs, public events, mentorship, artist promotions and an inclusive community to connect emerging, mid-career and established craftspeople.

Shop Maine Craft provides Maine Crafts Association members with opportunities to expand their economic resources through retail sales, fine craft shows and special events.

To become a supporter of Maine’s rich craft traditions and inclusive craft community, please consider making a Donation to the Maine Crafts Association.

To shop unique Maine craft objects made by MCA members at our galleries and events please visit ShopMaineCraft.Com