The awards presentation: Thursday, December 7 at the Farnsworth Art Museum.
Doors open at 5:00 PM | Presentation starting at 5:30 PM.
All supporters and friends of Tim, Ellen, and the MCA are welcome to attend.
Registration is required.


2023 Ellen Wieske, Artist Award
2023 Tim Christensen, Artist Award
2022 Ayumi Horie, Artist Award
2021 Marian Baker, Artist Award
2021 Tim McCreight, Artist Award
2020 Douglas E. Wilson, Artist Award
2019 Tom Ferrero, Artist Award
2018 Patricia Daunis-Dunning, Artist Award
2018 David Wolfe, Artist Award
2018 Steve Cayard, Artist Award
2017 Anna Hepler, Artist Award
2016 Elizabeth Busch, Artist Award
2016 Tammy Knight, Supporter Award
2015 Rebecca Goodale, Artist Award
2015 Sam Shaw, Artist Award
2014 Sharon Townshend, Artist Award
2013 Theresa Secord, Artist Award
2012 Lynn Duryea, Artist Award
2012 Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, Supporter Award
2011 Jacques Vesery, Artist Award
2011 Michael Baran, Supporter Award
2010 Katharine Cobey, Artist Award
2010 Robyn Holman, Supporter Award
2010 Patricia Eltman, Supporter Award
2009 Lissa Hunter, Artist Award
2009 Fred Woell, Artist Award
2009 Christian Becksvoort, Artist Award
2009 Paul Heroux, Artist Award
2009 John Baldacci, Supporter Award
2009 John Rohman, Supporter Award
2009 Haystack Mt. School of Crafts, Supporter Award
2009 Carl Little, Supporter Award

2021 vocabulary update: The award program was named the Master Craft Artist Awards, and is now renamed Maine Craft Artist Awards. Our intention with this change is to participate in the progression of language / vocabulary in our field, and society, toward being more equitable, welcoming and sensitive to the impact of language, due to historical and other connotations, on our communities. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we update the vocabulary throughout our site, beginning with the 2021 content. There are past uses of the previous name in dated material (in old press releases, announcements or quotes for example) which may remain.

2023 Maine Craft Artist Award: Ellen Wieske
2023 Maine Craft Artist Award: Tim Christensen



In 2009, the Maine Crafts Association began to honor individual Maine craft artists each year by awarding Maine Crafts Artist Award recognition for a body of work that is exceptional. This award will confer the prestige and acknowledgment that comes with having the artist’s work achieve a distinguishing mark of excellence.


This award is granted for a body of work and career of service in the Arts. Nominees’ work is judged through images of the body of work (and/or hands‐on examination of individual pieces), documentation of the artists’ career through resumes, portfolios, publications, etc. In reviewing the work of artists nominated for Maine Crafts Artist Awards, the jury is guided by these benchmarks: excellence in craftsmanship, inspired design, a singular voice or style, and a career of service to the field.

Excellence in craftsmanship is demonstrated by work that shows the highest standards of quality, a superior command of the medium far beyond basic and intermediate proficiency skills: attention to detail, and use of highest quality materials that further enhance overall design. Entire works are executed without technical flaw and meet their intended purpose, functioning impeccably.The appropriateness of technique and process are successfully united in pieces that show excellence of craftsmanship.

Inspired design is demonstrated by work whose design shows resolution: excellent composition, employing tension and space to enhance overall design. Choice of materials and methods show innovation and proficiency. Inspired design also surprises or intrigues the viewer.

Singular voice or style is an innate part of the established and acclaimed craftsperson’s expression. A conceptual richness evidenced in the work shows the nature, complexion and execution that mark the individual’s work as distinctive. It sets the work apart, not only qualitatively, but also in achieving an individual identity, readily recognizable as belonging to that maker.


  • Lifetime MCA membership
  • Award certificate
  • Recognition at the annual award presentation
  • Annually created award pin that is designed to reflect the honoree
  • Special press release/website feature
  • Solo Maine Crafts Artist Award exhibition at Center for Maine Craft or Maine Craft Portland
  • Invitation to teach at MCA Weekend Workshop at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts
  • Invitation to exhibit at any scheduled Guild Fine Craft Shows (offered by Shop Maine Craft)
  • Inclusion in anniversary exhibitions, such as 10-year, 20-year (to be announced)
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(Was on display from June – October in 2019)
Fuller Craft Museum

Maine Crafts Association was pleased to partner with the Fuller Craft Museum to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Master Crafts Artist award.

This prestigious honor is bestowed upon one to three Maine craft artists each year in recognition of an exceptional body of work.

This show presented a wide range of media; the exhibition featured all 17 Artist Award winners, including Steven Cayard, Paul Heroux, Patricia Daunis-Dunning, David Wolfe, Christian Becksvoort, J. Fred Woell, Lissa Hunter, Katharine Cobey, Jacques Vesery, Lynn Duryea, Theresa Secord, Sharon Townshend, Sam Shaw, Rebecca Goodale, Elizabeth Busch, Anna Hepler and 2019 awardee, Tom Ferrero.