MCA Weekend Workshop: May 10-13, 2018

The MCA invites you (MCA members and non members) for three and a half days of studio workshops at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. Instruction, room and board are included in the fee. Join us to spend dedicated time in the Haystack Studios with exceptional instructors and fellow students (and to enjoy good food + views!). The MCA Weekend Workshop is our oldest ongoing (and likely favorite!) program that began in 1983 as an annual event in partnership with Haystack Mountain School of Crafts; we cherish our time there and the opportunity is provides our organization and craft artists in, and new to, our network.


Built on a cliff overlooking Jericho Bay in the Atlantic Ocean, the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts has served as a muse to many who have come to create. Located on Stinson Neck in Deer Isle, Maine, the award-winning campus, designed by Edward Larrabee Barnes, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in February 2006. For more information about the campus and photos, visit Haystack’s website.


Study Model-Making for Crafts People with Christopher Campbell (Visiting Artist’s Studio)
Designing and Constructing a Band Saw Box with Joe Lendway (Wood Studio)
Exploring Landscape Through Machine Knitting with Anne Emlein (Fibers Studio) FULL, WAITLIST CLOSED
Expressive Surface Design Techniques with Jonathan Mess (Clay Studio) FULL, WAITLIST ONLY
Windvanes and Ironwork for Your Garden with Doug Wilson (Forge) FULL, WAITLIST ONLY
Plexi Drypoints/Lauan Woodcuts with Anna Hepler (Graphics Studio) FULL, WAITLIST ONLY
Exploring the Basics of Metal Clay Jewelry Fabrication with Nisa Smiley (Metals Studio) FULL, WAITLIST CLOSED


Haystack accommodations are roomy and light-filled, but unheated. There are two person cabins, four person cabins with and without bathrooms and dorms. Studios are open at all times for work. There are no phones in the studios or cabins.


Registration fees vary based on room type, all include: housing, meals and instruction.
Studio material fees vary by workshop and are in addition to the fees below, please see individual workshop descriptions.

MCA Member Rates
Double Cabin with Bath: $500
Quad Cabin with Bath: $450 FULL
Double or Triple Cabin: $400
Dorm: $300 FULL
Day Student: $300 (When registering, select “Dorm” Rate and indicate “Day Student” under Special Requests)

More about MCA Membership

Non-Member Rates
Double Cabin with Bath: $600
Quad Cabin with Bath: $550 FULL
Double or Triple Cabin: $500
Dorm: $400 FULL
Day Student: $400 (When registering, select “Dorm” Rate and indicate “Day Student” under Special Requests)

*Based on workshop attendee counts, one or both dorms may be co-ed. Cabins are assigned by gender or to couples registering together.


Cancellations received by March 19th will be refunded total workshop fees paid to date LESS the $100 non refundable deposit.

Cancellations received after March 19th will be refunded 50% total workshop fees paid to date, excluding $100 non refundable deposit.

In either case, the MCA membership fee is non-refundable.


Thursday, May 10
10:00 am -12:00 pm: Arrival/Registration
12:00 pm: Lunch
1:00 pm: Workshops begin
5:30 pm: Casual, Meet & Greet on top deck or around the fire
6:00 pm: Welcome and dinner
7:00 pm: Faculty Slide Presentations

Friday, May 11
8:00 am: Breakfast
8:30 am-5:00 pm: Workshops (Lunch at Noon)
6:00 pm: Dinner
7:00 pm: Instructor and Student Exhibition Opening/Reception in Gateway

Saturday, May 12
8:00 am Breakfast
8:30 am-6:00 pm: Workshops (Lunch at Noon)
6:00 pm: Dinner
After hours: Music Night in Dinning Hall

Sunday, May 13
8:00 am: Breakfast
8:30 am -11:00 am: Workshops
11:00 am-Noon: Studio walk through
Noon: Lunch
1:00 pm: Departure