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Consistent advertising is a powerful tool in connecting artists to people who want to know what’s going on in Maine and where they can find Maine craft! Maine Crafts Association reserves full-page ads in several magazines (typically Down East, Maine Home & Design, Maine Gallery + Studio Guide and Portland Magazine) to help with individual artists’ marketing efforts.

MCA members (Basic, Professional, and Guild) are invited to be featured in the ads alongside other MCA members with an image, contact information, and a few descriptive words.

*Note: MCA members who participate in Shop Maine Craft programming (craft shows, markets, retail gallery consignment) are eligible to participate in all co-op advertisements offered during the calendar year. MCA members who do not participate in Shop Maine Craft programming are eligible for six of the ten co-op ads, which are shown in the chart below. If you are eligible to participate in the Shop Maine Craft ads, see the full list of 2024 co-op ads HERE!

The co-op marketing program is an opportunity for artists to share resources with Maine Crafts Association & Shop Maine Craft, benefit from professional graphic design, and market alongside other quality Maine companies with a full-page presence.

In addition to the multi-artist full page ads we offer a limited number of single artist 1/3 page ads in Down East magazine. These ads feature one artist, with a larger presence along with MCA or Shop Maine Craft branding. These are offered on a first come first served basis several times a year at $500 each – if interested contact to discuss options or see examples of past ads.

Sign-up now, pay later! You will be invoiced approximately 30 days before the issue date. The prices listed are dependent on full ads. We will be in touch regarding space and cost throughout the whole process.

Artists: How to Sign-up for Advertising

The Maine Crafts Association 2024 Cooperative Advertising schedule is OPEN! Choose from six different issues, sorted by the ad deadline date. In 2024 MCA is advertising in Maine Gallery + Studio Guide, Down East Magazine, Maine Home & Design & Portland Monthly.

Reminder: If you are looking for more Co-op ad opportunities, and participate in any of our Shop Maine Craft programs (shops, shows + markets), you will find the rest of the 2024 opportunities (an additional four ads) HERE.

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Questions: contact Lizz Brown

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