Maine Crafts Association: Mission

The Maine Crafts Association builds upon Maine’s rich craft traditions by nurturing a vibrant, supportive, inclusive craft community with educational programs and resources.

We accomplish our mission by offering programs and initiatives which engage, connect and support Maine craft artists with one another and the larger community.

Maine Crafts Association Values & Guiding Principles: help us develop each program and initiative we offer.


MCA works to increase diversity (racial, gender, ethnic, age, etc.) within our staff, board, membership and participants. We strive to represent the current and future population of Maine.

Accessibility & Affordability

We provide programs, events and opportunities which are financially, geographically and ADA accessible to our constituencies over a range of dates, times and seasons. This increases the number of people who can participate.

Quality & Standards

We serve amateur and professional craft artists, at all points in their practices and careers; and set the bar high for the finest craft by acknowledging the masters among us. We do this by creating standards, guidelines, and/or application processes for some programming, while welcoming everyone for others.


We keep an eye on the bottom line, take care of our staff and board, and invest in our systems. Our organization needs to thrive to best serve artists.


We offer programs and initiatives that help artists grow their practices and businesses, and support artists taking their next steps toward such growth and beyond.


We bring together craft artists with one another to create community. The community supports craft artists professionally, emotionally, socially and creatively. We also nurture a community that includes the larger craft ecosystem, made up of: hobbyists, patrons, donors, galleries, nonprofits, suppliers, schools, and others related to the craft field.


We think ahead and take risks when appropriate; and we are proactive and innovative in our initiatives and ideas to best serve our community.