Maine Crafts Association Members & Friends,

We miss you. Despite so much uncertainty, we can feel our beloved Maine summer coming and the infection rate of coronavirus is comparatively low in our state. Many Mainers are privileged to feel safe and we are grateful for this, but this is not the case for all Mainers or the country. We can’t ignore that we are part of a larger system, and that system is brimming with unrest driven by racial inequality. As we work to support our members and survive as a nonprofit, our sense of purpose can feel small in the context of human rights abuses and inequality.

Maine Crafts Association stands in solidarity against racial oppression, violence, and injustice.

We know there is work to be done in our own organization, community, and in Maine and we are committed to being inclusive and open to ideas and criticisms. We pledge to, and ask you to contribute to a better country for all of our citizens, donate to nonprofits doing the work on your behalf, read, learn, teach your children, stand-up against racism, and support others making these efforts.

Sadie Bliss, MCA Executive Director & the MCA Board of Directors